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Precision Sundials offers three advanced designs in sundials. Each of these premium sundials reads watch time directly, fully compensating for Daylight Savings, longitude, and calendar effects (the Equation of Time). Each is fully adjustable for the user's latitude, and all dials come with instructions for proper set up.

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The Sawyer Equant (named after its originator, sundialist Fred Sawyer) is made of silicon bronze and granite. It is a Horizontal Dial design, with an upper dial face which reads sun (local solar) time, and a rotating granite lower face which tells standard time and daylight saving time directly.

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The Renaissance is large bronze helical focusing sundial, the only of one of its kind (patent 6,301,793). It projects a sharply focused beam of sunlight onto a helical time scale, telling time with extreme accuracy.

The Schmoyer Sunquest was designed by Richard Schmoyer in 1959, appearing in the October 1959 issue of Scientific American. This dial reads true civil time due to its analemma shaped gnomon. It is fully adjustable for longitude, latitude, standard time and daylight saving time. Very few were made. This current rendition is made from Mr. Schmoyer's original sandcast patterns, and is available in Aluminum or Bronze.

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Free Sundial Software:

Is your sundial aligned with the Celestial North Pole? Orient your sundial perfectly with SundialAlign Enter your sundial's time readings and SundialAlign will calculate exactly how to turn and tilt your dial to read precisely all day long. You can choose to have your dial read Solar, Standard, or Daylight Savings time. This free program uses an new algorithm which was developed by Precision Sundials LLC specifically to orient high-precision sundials, but will work with all common (right ascension) sundials.

Need to find true north for setting up a sundial? CardinalDirections will help you mark a true north/south or east/west line by finding the shadow of a vertical string at the proper time of day.

Need to find the declination of a Wall? WallDeclination uses an easy method to accurately measure the declination of a vertical wall. All you need is a carpenter's square and a watch.

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Try our consulting services: We are skilled in the mathematics of most types of dials including horizontal, vertical, analemmatic, shadow plane and more. We welcome the opportunity to design, install, or consult and can suggest a perfect custom match for your site.

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