Software and Other Downloads

SundialAlign.exe Helps align your sundial to read Solar, Standard, or Daylight Savings time. Works best if used near solstices.

CardinalDirections.exe Calculates when the sun is exactly east, south, north, or west to allow you to mark an exact east/west or north/south line from the shadow of a vertical string.

WallDeclination.exe Calculates the declination of a vertical wall, using the simple method described in "Wall Declination.doc" below.

Wall Declination.doc MSWORD document describing an easy and accurate way to measure wall declination. This method works only for vertical walls. Click here for PDF version Wall Declination.pdf.

Renaissance Guide.Doc Owner's Manual for the Renaissance Sundial (MSWORD format).

Sawyer Guide.doc Owner's manual for the Sawyer Equant Sundial (MSWORD format).

Schmoyer Guide.doc Owner's manual for the Schmoyer Sunquest Sundial (MSWORD format).

Original Schmoyer Manual.doc Richard Schmoyer's original 23 pages of instructions for constructing this dial form his kit (MSWORD format).

Renaissance Lecture Powerpoint presentation on the features of the Renaissance Focusing Dial. Movie clips are not functional unless the following two movie files are downloaded into the same directory.

Movie: 10:00 45 second YouTube movie of standard Renaissance focusing dial performing in real time.

Movie: 11:00 45 second YouTube movie of double focusing Renaissance dial (one-of-a-kind) performing in real time. This is the most precise and accurate dial I have made. It is impressive.

Movie: Sundial Noon Cannon YouTube video of the firing of a reproduction sundial cannon I bought on Ebay.

Movie: Odyssey of Light Kate Pond's Odyssey of Light sculpture forms a crossing of light beams one day before the 2005 Fall Equinox.

Movie: Kinex Camera Time lapse mechanism for filming Odyssey of Light (above), built from Kinex construction toy.

Sundial Lecture for Vermont Astronomical Society June 5, 2006.

Compendium Article on Stone Circle

Compendium Article on Locating North

Sun Oriented Sculpture Powerpoint for North American Sundial Society Conference September 16, 2007.

Sun Position Calculator Excel Spreadsheet Calculates useful data for determining solar position, solstices, solar noon, etc. You must allow MACROS to be Enabled, if Excel asks you at startup.

2010 NASS Sawyer Dialing Prize Lecture given at the 2010 Annual Convention in Burlington, VT (7MB PowerPoint).

UVM Math Colloquium November 5, 2010: Sundials, Map Projections, and Modern Equant Designs (18MB PowerPoint).

"One Piece Of Paper" Sundial designed for Burlington Vermont (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file).

Ozanam Map Dial article for June 2011 NASS Compendium (MS Word).

OzanamMapDial.bas DeltaCad Macro for drawing a Ozanam Map Dial. It will not function fully without placing ozanamtimezones.dc (below) in DeltaCad's default directory. (April, 2011)

ozanamtimezones.dc DeltaCad (V.7) file of detailed time zone map for the above macro.

SlideRule Talk.ppt When Slide Rules Ruled Powerpoint for Governor's Institute June 2011.

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